6 Icons to Follow for Style Inspiration…

Last week on the blog I spoke about the difference between Fashion & Style, and I shared my four top tips for how to start developing your own unique Style.  If you didn’t read the post please check it out here!

I spoke about taking the time to find some inspiration and start discovering what are your likes and dislikes style wise.  Looking at things like color, print and shapes, materials, accessories and outfit ideas are all great ways to start gathering knowledge and developing new ideas for your style.

Pinterest & Instagram are amazing sources to check because they are chock full of fashion articles, style advise and photography.  But fashion magazines, blogs, street style and in-store trends are all also great sources of inspiration too.

Pro Tip: I look for style inspiration in lots of places throughout my daily life but I like to gather it all together on a Pinterest Board so I can easily refer back to it when I am out shopping or buying new pieces.  Check out my Pinterest Style Board here. 

One great thing to do when considering a new style direction is to look at the outfits of celebrities whose style you admire.  I love the feminine, British, vintage rock kind of style, so look at celebrities like Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Florence Welsh & Daisy Lowe.  I collect images of my favorite outfits they have worn and really look at the key pieces they are wearing to see how I can replicate their outfits with pieces from my own wardrobe or from the shops.

Are there some celebrities whose outfits you always love, whose style you want to obtain or who has a similar body shape to your own and always dresses to flatter?  To get you started here are my six celebrity Style Icons to follow for style inspiration and outfit ideas…

Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid has the golden California Girl look down and dresses to enhance her curves and bombshell appeal.  From tight denims to midriff exposing tops and chic tailoring Gigi’s style combines sexy and sophistication to a T.


Alexa Chung.

I’ve already mentioned her I know but the girls got style game! If you love cute, vintage style mixed in with some British rock & roll then Alexa Chung is the one for you.


Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton’s style is classic, feminine and sophisticated while also being young & fresh.  Her outfits are made up of dresses in floral prints & pastel shades, elegant tailoring and classic everyday looks.


Kim Kardashian.


I’m not a super lover of the Kardashian clan however there is no denying Kim’s style has become absolutely amazing in recent years and she really promotes the beauty of a curvy figure.  If you want figure hugging styles in neutral tones combined with sporty styling and sex appeal shes the one to follow.


Reese Witherspoon.

For pretty and feminine, all American ‘girl next door’ style Reese Witherspoon is a great one to follow, as is her clothing line Draper James.  Both are colorful, fun and elegant and are also another great source of style inspiration for curvy body shapes.


Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady embodies sophisticated, elegant, timeless style while also being contemporary and adhering to a hint of the seasonal trends.  She mixes high and low brands effortlessly with belted waists, a-line skirts & oversized pearls.

All photos from Pinterest.com.

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