9 Tips for the Ultimate Wardrobe Spring Clean

The start of a new season is the perfect opportunity to get organized and Spring Clean your wardrobe.  It gives you the chance to take stock of what you already own and understand what ‘gaps’ you have in your wardrobe that can be updated with pieces from the new season or what areas you can invest in more.  It can help you to realize if you have brought a lot of the same piece (do you really need ten pairs of skinny black jeans) and can help you evaluate the direction your Style is going in and if you want to make any key changes to your look.

But clearing out your wardrobe can also be something that causes a lot of stress for us ladies.  We are all guilty of hoarding pieces for a “just in case” and the task of emptying out an overstuffed wardrobe can be a daunting one to start.

But I promise, getting rid of old clothes and updating your wardrobe is really freeing and empowering.  So here are my top ten tips for the Ultimate Wardrobe Spring Clean…

1 – Get your Equipment on Hand.  Before starting your Spring Clean get together a bunch of plastic laundry hampers to use to depose your clothes into.  You can use different bags for different purposes and it stops your room looking like a bomb has exploded during the process.

2 – Get All Your Clothes Together.  If you have clothes stored in other places in your house bring it all together so you can see how much stuff you really have.

3 – Remove Pieces that Need Altering or Dry Cleaning.  It’s easy to store up the pieces that need altering at the tailors to taking to the dry cleaning and then never getting around to taking them in.  So grab those first and put them in a bag by your front door ready to go.

4 – Remove any ‘Trash’ Pieces.  By this I’m talking about any pieces with holes or rips, non-removable stains, pieces that have seen better days.  Anything that isn’t in good condition – get rid of it.  You can also make a list of the pieces you are throwing away here so you know what gaps you need to fill on your next shopping trip.

5 – Get Rid of your Wardrobe ‘Frenemies”.  These are any pieces you own that DON’T make you feel amazing when you wear them.  I mean pieces that no longer fit, pieces you think make you look fat.  Anything that doesn’t make you feel like your beautiful self – get rid of it because it isn’t serving you positively.

6 – Consider Which Pieces you have Never Worn.  Think about why you have never worn them and if you are likely too.  If it’s because you don’t have anything to wear it with, make a note to complete the outfit on your next shopping trip.  And if you think you will never wear it, get rid of it.

7 – Organize your Accessories. A lot of us don’t have so much time in the morning and often grab the same accessories time and again.  So to maximize the pieces you have & to make sure you use them, display or organize them so they are on hand.  I divide all my accessories by color so I can quickly see which pieces work with my outfit and keep everything on display – jewellery in trays and bowls, bags in open boxes, shoes on racks.

8 – Order your Clothes.  Put all your clothes in order so pieces are easy to find.  Put all tops together, skirts together and dresses together.  And order them by color (light to dark) or purpose (formal to casual).

9 – Divide & Donate.  Finally go through the pieces you are getting rid of and decide which can be sold and which can be donated to a local charity.  Pieces with a high value (eg. designer) can be sold and low value but still wearable pieces can be donated.

PS.  Want to spring clean your wardrobe with focus and purpose and start building the wardrobe you always dreamed of? Download my FREE Style Guide for the Ultimate Wardrobe Spring Clean HERE.

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