Is Bad Style Holding you Back…

When it comes to our style it’s all too easy to fall into a rut.

A string of busy weeks, work & family commitments, impending deadlines and other life demands can mean our style ends up taking a back seat.  Who really has time to plan the perfect outfit when you have a work presentation to prepare, kids to drive to school, a house to tidy, a ton of emails to respond too and a to do list as long as your arm?

Maybe you’ve gained weight recently and instead of taking a cold hard look at your new body size in the mirror it’s easier not to think about your appearance and throw on some baggy clothes instead.

Maybe you’ve been feeling stagnant in your personal or professional life, wanting to make some changes but not knowing where to begin, and your wardrobe has become a reflection of your inner feelings.

Maybe you dread getting dressed in the morning because you feel everything in your wardrobe is outdated or boring.  You feel like somewhere along the way your inner self got lost in the stresses of life and you don’t know how to create a wardrobe that connects to the real you.

Do any of these read familiar? In times like this we tend to grab for the nearest pair of jeans and comfy sweater or opt for the old favorites we’ve worn a million times.  We want something safe, comfortable, convenient and easy.  We tend to detach from the fact we don’t look our best and tell ourselves we can deal with it later or it’s not important for us to look good anyway because we are to old / overweight / busy / past our prime / you fill in the gap.

But finding yourself in a style rut and choosing to stay there can hold you back in life because the more you put your style & appearance in second place the more it will have a snowball effect on the rest of your life.  Here’s why…

Spending everyday in sweat pants isn’t going to make you feel pretty or sexy and over time that is going to have a negative effect on your confidence, self belief and motivation.  Are you really going to start going on dates, planning a rich social life or applying for that high paying promoting if you don’t feel good about yourself? I don’t think so.

You are telling the world you are ok with being in second place.  If you always look thrown together you are communicating to the world that you put yourself in second place, and therefore it’s ok for everyone else to put you in second place too.  Do you have goals and ambitions for the future? No one will know when you are dressed in that stained jumper and baggy jeans because all they will see is old clothes and a messy look.

And you are depriving yourself of the ability to grow and develop.  If you tell yourself you’re appearance doesn’t matter because you are too ‘fill in the blank’ you are choosing to stay in a place that doesn’t serve you or add meaning to your life.  And by staying in that place you are missing out on all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences life has in store for you and that you are capable of achieving.

So if you want to get forward movement in your life, smash your goals and feel amazing in 2018 it’s never been more important to dress well!

If you are currently finding yourself in a style rut fret not.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be diving into this subject in more detail and sharing my styling expertise and top tips to help you develop the wardrobe you need to reach your full potential in 2018.

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