A Fashion Stylist’s Guide to Black Friday Shopping…

With Black Friday nearly upon us it’s easy to get caught up in all the sale shopping madness.  Without a clear plan of what to buy, endless sales deals, overcrowded stores and long checkout ques its easy to feel overwhelmed and overspend on things you don’t really need.  However when shopped correctly Black Friday provides the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe and home with key pieces that will have you stylishly set for the year.  Here is my Guide to Shopping Black Friday like a Fashion Stylist…

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1 – Be Prepared.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy the perfect gifts for others and yourself at discount prices. Before hitting the shops make a list of all the presents you need to buy and for who so you have a clear idea of what to shop for on the big day.  When it comes to shopping for yourself go through your home & wardrobe to identity the gaps you need to fill.  Do you need more classic pieces, work wear, winter shoes, designer bags, accessories, home wear or tech pieces.  The Black Friday deals provide a great opportunity to invest in pieces that you need, and knowing whats lacking from your wardrobe stops you from buying more of what you already have and keeps you focused when out shopping.

2 – Do your research.

Before you hit the shops do some research online to find out which stores are offering the best deals for the items you want.  This will save you trailing around when the stores are busy trying to compare which department store has the best offer on winter boots.  You can also look online to obtain discount codes & vouchers to use in store or online and check out the start dates & timing of the sales so you can beat the crowds by starting early.

3 – Set yourself a Budget.

Its easy to get swept up in the moment when faced with multiple deals and great savings opportunities so set yourself a budget ahead of time and make sure you stick to it.  Decide how much you want to spend on presents, clothing, accessories, shoes, technology products and home-wear before you start shopping and keep track of your spending through the day to make sure to stay within your budget.

4 – Go for Discounted High-End Brands to get the Most for your Money.

A lot of the Black Friday deals include unbranded, mass produced items the stores offer at cheap prices to get you through the doors and spending more money.  So instead of chasing the cheapest thing possible instead think about brands you really like but which are normally over your budget.  Chances are they will be doing a Black Friday sale and it’s a perfect opportunity to buy some high quality, classic pieces for your wardrobe at a cheaper price point.  This is particularly good for investing in classic wardrobe staples, work wear, designer bags & shoes, tailoring, winter coats or technology where quality over quantity is key.

5 – Dress to Shop.

Make sure to wear a comfortable outfit when out Black Friday shopping.  Comfortable shoes or sneakers and an outfit you can easily change out of are a must.  Plus make sure to bring water and snacks in your bag to keep your energy up!

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