How to be Stylish

Earlier this week I posted the following quote on my Instagram.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.  And Style is what you choose” Lauren Hutton.

I absolutely love this quote and for the rest of this week I have felt really inspired by the importance of cultivating your own personal style.  Of course being a Stylist, I love fashion and cannot wait to see what new trends are featured on the runway at the start of each season. But something I really love about being a Stylist is helping clients develop their own unique Personal Style.

Being a women with Style goes way beyond the clothes you are wearing. It’s about having pose and sophistication, knowing who you are and what you’re here to say and, most of all, being confident in your own skin.  It’s wearing clothes that embody your personality and character as well as matching perfectly with your lifestyle and future goals.

Women like Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama & Alexa Chung are all women celebrated for their timeless style and not only are they beautiful, elegant and always wearing excellent outfits, they are also extremely successful, intelligent and driven women who have made great achievements in their lives.

With this in mind it seems having great Style goes way beyond just looking good and is an important factor in helping us achieve our goals and future ambitions.

Here are my four top tips to help you become more Stylish!

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1 – Get Some Inspiration.  Start by taking the time to figure out what you like & don’t like style wise. Look at styles, colors & shapes. Read fashion magazines & check Instagram for ideas. Make notes of what jumps out at you & create a Pinterest Board of celebrities and bloggers who’s style you admire to get some ideas of outfits to recreate.

2. Think About Your Lifestyle & Goals.  Your wardrobe should be an extension of your personality, lifestyle & goals. Think about what your career path is, the city you live in, what you do in your free time and your goals for the future. Does your wardrobe work for these elements?  To get in the know about the important connection between style and achieving goals make sure to check out the post ‘Is Bad Style Holding you Back!’

3. Get Organized.  Once you have an idea of the Style direction you want to follow, look over your Pinterest Board & make a list of the key items featured in the looks you want to recreate. Then organize your wardrobe to identify which pieces you already have and group together outfit option ideas.  Also use this time to identify any pieces that are really out of line with your desired style direction & move them aside.

4. Start Making Smart Wardrobe Investments.  Having great Style doesn’t mean spending a lot of money every month on designer clothes. It’s about shopping smart & adding key pieces that elevate the wardrobe you already have.  Start investing in timeless wardrobe staples like boots, leather bags, coats & tailoring to give a classic base to your wardrobe and get fun, trend focused pieces from the high street for lower prices. When shopping remember to refer back to your Pinterest board to make sure you’re making purchases in line with your chosen Style direction!

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