How to Define your Personal Style

I have always believed developing unique personal style is more important than following the latest trends and buying into the newest craze.  That’s because, for me, personal style is a representation of our identities and lifestyles.  Really great personal style is special, unusual and timeless. It allows the wearers personality to shine through and doesn’t always involve the most high-fashion or on trend pieces.

It is a key area I always help my Style Session clients to develop because once you have a clear idea of your personal style you feel more confident in your fashion choices, find shopping for new pieces easier and feel the real you shining through in every look that you wear.  But defining your personal style can be tricky and its sometimes difficult to know where to start.  So today I decided to share with you three tips for rookies who want to define their personal style…


Get Some Style Inspiration. Start off by taking note of the style you are drawn to and save the images on a Pinterest Board.  Focus on celebrity style, the fashion pages from magazines, street style photos and individual pieces all of which you love, and build up a collection of images over time.  Once you have a big enough collection, think of some keywords to describe the mood of your style collection.  Is it hippie & bohemian, classic & elegant, sporty & urban.  This will help you to have a focus point to build your personal style from and reference back to in the future when buying new pieces and planning outfits.

Take Note of What you Already Have. Before rushing to the shops to buy all new clothes, organize your wardrobe and take note of what you already have.  Is their a clear mood connecting to an overall style?  Do you tend to buy lots of the same style of pieces and if so why? Which outfits make you feel your best? And which your worst? – Banish those!  If you can see a few different moods try grouping them in your wardrobe to keep everything clear and divided.  This is when it is good to have that Pinterest Board handy to reference back to.

Photograph Your Strongest Looks.  Remember when you were organizing your wardrobe and you considered which looks made you feel you best? Well take snaps of those outfits and put them on a cork board in your wardrobe so you have a useful library of outfit ideas.  It’s important to build your personal style based around outfits that make you feel amazing and beautiful and building up a knowledge around this will allow you to understand what works for you best so you can focus on that.  Feeling natural and confident in your outfit choices will allow your personality and identity to shine through and is the first step to cultivating your personal style.

So there you have it, my three tips when beginning to define your personal style.  I love sharing my style knowledge and advise to help you become the best version of yourself and feel amazing in everything you wear.

With that, I wish you a beautiful Sunday friends…

Big love x

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6 thoughts on “How to Define your Personal Style

    1. It can be true. That’s why I always think its better to take inspiration from the trends, but don’t necessary follow them rigidly. Think about which trends you like, how they can relate to you and maybe even add your own style spin on it. Its leaves us room to experiment and have fun! Thank you for sharing!

      Allegra xx

  1. Great tips! I think the biggest part of finding your personal style is giving yourself room to change and evolve as you grow. If you look at it as something fixed, even from day to day, it can be a daunting thing and fashion and style should be fun.

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