How to Live Stylish This Summer…

Have you ever gone through a busy period of life, when you are in full on work mode, with your head down, only to take a break and realize the time has flown by?! Well that’s what has happened to me this month!

All of Spring I worked flat out, organizing photo shoots and planning projects with new clients.  It was all go go go.  I loved it because I worked on some amazing projects and collaborated with some really talented people.  But then I had a pause, looked around and I realized it’s June, nearly July! And summer is already upon us!

When you are busy its easy to fall into the rut of throwing on your Levi’s Jeans and sneakers, running out the door and working through your to do list each day.  And before we know it, its going to be autumn.  I don’t want the next few months to fly by before I know what has hit me so I’ve decided to make it my mission to live more stylishly this summer.  That means making the most out of my days, enjoying the little moments and, of course, upping my style game.  Because even if we are just running errands that’s no reason not to look stylish right!? So here are my top tips for how to live stylish this summer.

Treat Yourself to some Cute Summer Looks.

Summer is the perfect time to have some fun with fashion.  With some many cute pieces filling the stores you can use it as an opportunity to inject some new style into your wardrobe.  Experiment with some new colours or prints or try out some bold accessories.  You don’t have to spend a lot, but treating yourself to something a little different for the season can be a great way to boost your energy.

Give Yourself a Makeover.

The same goes for make-up.  Summer is the season of colour, so get more experimental with your beauty routine.  Update your look with new shades of lipstick or some brightly coloured nail polish.  Something as simple as a flash of bright colour can be an easy way to update your look without a big investment.

Find a New Hobby or Workout Routine.

The brighter evenings mean we have more time on our hands to have some fun.  Use it as an opportunity to invest in yourself.  Try a new fitness class, develop a new workout routine, take some classes or enjoy some new experiences.  Anything to enrich your personal life and build some positivity.

Schedule some Girl Time.

Nothing is more fun than spending time with your friends, so schedule in some fun activities to do together over the summer.  It could be trying out some cool new bars or brunch spots, having a picnic, going hiking or checking our some cool street markets and exhibitions in your town.  Its just important you are spending time together and having fun.  Also your can plan some cute outfits for every event!

Embrace Summer Accessories. 

There are so many fun summer accessories you can add to your looks this season.  And it’s a really easy way to update last years summer looks into something more fresh and on trend.  Try out straw bags, sun hats, bold earrings, tassel pendents or rose gold sunglasses!

Enjoy the Little Moments.

And finally, even if you are really busy, make sure you take a pause at the end of every day to feel gratitude enjoy the little moments summer brings.

How do you like to feel more Stylish in Summer? I would love to hear in the comments below…

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