Our Office Outfit Do’s & Don’t to Dress Like a Boss!

What we wear to the office and how we present ourselves to co-workers has a huge impact on how our work is perceived and our levels of success.  So if you want to start moving up the career ladder you need to start dressing for success.  When combined with dedication and hard work, investing in your office wardrobe can take you from the junior position to head of the department.  If you’re dreaming of landing the big promotion it’s time to stop dressing like you just graduated and time to start dressing like the boss you are born to be! Here are our 5 Do’s and Don’ts to make your office outfits on point for success.

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The Do’s.

1. Accentuate Yourself.  You want to turn up to work everyday feeling powerful and unstoppable.  So use your work wardrobe as a tool to do this.  Invest in outfits that make you feel like the capable girl boss you are.  Wear styles, shapes and colors that flatter you and enhance your assets.  Trust me, putting on that tailored suit you know looks incredible on you will make you feel a whole lot better if you have jitters about a making a big presentation, and it visually communicates to others you are on the top of your game.

2. Wear Make-Up! But wear the right amount of make up.  Save trying out the latest colorful make up trend or smokey eye for the weekends and think neutral, natural and sophisticated for the work place.  A bit of concealer, foundation, blush and light eye make up is perfect for the office.  You don’t want to look like you’re ready for a big night out, or worse you came straight from a party to the office!

3.  Keep it fitted but comfortable.   You’re outfits should be professional and chic, but they should also be comfortable to wear too.  Wearing something that constantly needs adjusting or pulling down is a distraction for yourself and others.  You want to wear a stylish outfit but one that you can forget about once it’s on, freeing you up to get on with work.

4.  Do wear heels.  Wearing heels to the office gives you an air of power, gives you better posture and makes outfits instantly more stylish.  Going to work in ballerina pumps or flats makes you look young and creates the image you are still an intern or in a junior position.  So invest some time in finding the perfect heels to wear to the office.  They should be comfortable, easy to walk in and elegant – no 6 inch stilettos or glitter platforms here.

5.  Start investing in some high quality wardrobe staples to elevate your outfits.  If you want your co-workers to start seeing you as a potential boss you need to start dressing like one.  You might not be able to afford the designer suits yet but you can invest in high quality blazers, pencil skirts, fitted shirts and stylish work dresses which you can pair with lower budget pieces.  Use a Personal Shopper to help you find the perfect fit and shop smart in sales to get more for your money.


The Don’ts.

1. Don’t wear anything too tight, too short or too loose.  Wearing tight, sexy, revealing pieces are fun for date-night or happy hour with the girls, but wearing them in the office will communicate to co-workers you are unprofessional and not serious about your job role.  If you are unsure whether something could be to revealing for the office make sure you can stand, sit, bend and lean without exposing anything!

2. Don’t have visible underwear.  This could be a pink bra showing through your sheer white shirt, peeking out bra straps, a visible thong from low riding trousers or VPL.  Save a little money from your work wear budget and invest in the right underwear to wear with your new outfits.  If you’ve brought sheer shirts & blouses you need nude bras to wear underneath.  If you’ve brought pencil skirts and fitted shift dresses having a great pair of Spanx can give you that extra confidence boost!

3.  Don’t have chipped nail polish.  Keeping your nails on point is really important as everyone you encounter sees your nails and there is nothing more distracting than talking to someone with chipped pink nails left over from the weekend.  Equally don’t paint your nails really bright colors, bright orange, turquoise or mint green are cute for the beach but distracting in the office.  Paint nails in neutral, rich shades and have a weekly manicure to keep them looking perfect.

4.  Don’t wear accessories that are too big or make too much noise.  When you are talking to your colleagues or bosses you want them to hear the valuable things you are saying, not be distracted by the rattling of your twenty bracelets or the colorful oversized feather earrings you have on.  Keep jewellery and accessories simple, minimal and classic.

5. This one should be obvious but don’t (if fact never) wear clothes that are damaged, stained, ripped or have holes in them.  Chuck those pieces out stat or if they can be repaired, take them to a tailor! You want your outfits to be perfect to communicate your high levels of precision and the attention to detail in your work. Also don’t wear clothing with link, dog hairs or pills on it.  Invest in a link remover, especially if you wear a lot of black.

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