Packing for a European Mini-Break…

I am really excited because this week I travel to rural Southern France to visit family and work with some new Style Session clients.  It will be my first holiday of the season and I couldn’t be happier about spending five days relaxing in the sun, exploring crumbing, rural villages and eating delicious French food.  It’s going to be beautiful.

As you know I love traveling and everything that it brings, except one thing – the packing!  I am a terrible packer!  Being a total fashion girl I want to take my whole wardrobe away with me every time and almost always end up over the weight limit and/or sitting on my suitcase to try and cram everything in!  This is especially difficult when, like for this trip, I only have carry on luggage so I really am limited to one small suitcase only!

As I have a few trips lined up this summer I decided I needed to get my packing skills down and after using the wonderful world of Pinterest and BlogLovin to get some inspiration, I am happy to say my little suitcase it packed perfectly! Yay! I figured I can’t be the only girl who has this problem so I want to share with you the top tips when packing for a European Mini-Break…

European Weekend Packing Guide_Allegra Ghiloni.png

Create a Capsule Wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobes are a life saver when you are short of packing space.  It basically means planning outfits where all the pieces mix and match with each other to create multiple outfits.  A great space saver and ensures you wear everything you bring.

Plan Your Holiday Activities and Create Capsule Wardrobes Around Each One.

My holiday is going to be split into three main activities; 1 – chilling by the pool, 2 – sight-seeing, exploring rural villages and meeting clients and 3 – going out for dinner.  So I need to create three capsule wardrobes to go with these.  And anything that I can’t see myself wearing while doing those activities has to go.

Be cleaver with Accessories.

The way you accessorize an outfit can really transform the way it looks.  So be clever with the accessories you pack.  Think about ways from turning you summer dresses from day to night looks by adding different jewellery or shoes.

Get Mini-Sizes for all your Toiletries.  This is a great space saver and means you can throw them away at the end of your trip, leaving you more space for shopping items.  If you can’t find your favorite cosmetics in mini-sizes buy small plastic bottles and transfer them across.

Make Technology Your Friend.  Instead of taking piles of books, notepads, laptops, cameras, phones and tablets plus a ton of wires to charge them all, combine everything into one and limit the amount of technology & papers you need to bring.  Load books onto your tablet or phone, download useful apps so you don’t need to carry things like maps or notebooks, keep digital copies of your tickets and keep up with work on your tablet – leave your laptop at home.

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