Staying Chic on a Long Haul Flight…

When flying to Sri Lanka we were in transit for 15 hours! That is a mix of flight time and waiting in airports because there was unfortunately no direct flights from Milan. We were in a similar situation last year with our flight to Costa Rica and when we finally arrived at our destination, it took me several days and a lot of strange sleeping patterns to feel normal again. So this year I decided to be prepared and make an emergency beauty plan to bring with me on the plane to feel more healthy when we arrive.

In case you have some long-haul flights scheduled this summer too I have shared it with you here – I hope it can help.

– Stay hydrated. Drink as much water as possible, and then drink more! And avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks which are dehydrating.

– Bring healthy snacks with you on the plane to eat when you get hungry mid-flight to help you avoid the salty junk food that is available. Ideas could be fruit, raw veg sticks like carrot/ celery/ cucumber, nuts and seeds or granola bars.

– Pack some relaxation teas. If like me your are scared of flying, it’s good to have something comforting to keep you relaxed and de-stressed. I love this Relaxation Tea from Pukka.

РLook after your skin. The night before your flight do a hydrating facial so your skin is in tip-top condition.  Once on the flight I like to remove my make up so my skin can breath. I pack a mini cleanser and moisteriser and regularly apply them to keep my skin hydrated during the flight.

РApply Hydration Gel to your under-eyes. Again do this regularly. For long flights I love Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels from Skyn Iceland. Just stick the patches under your eyes for ten minutes and let them work their magic.

– Keep your lips and hands soft too by bringing a lip butter and soft hand cream. If you don’t think you have enough space in your bag for everything, transfer the products into mini-bottles so you only carry on the flight what you need.

– Bring a sleep mask to block out the light so you can get some proper sleep. Try to keep you body insync with your timezones. If are travelling at night try to get a full nights sleep, if you are travelling in the day try and stay awake with a few little naps if you need. You can sleep in the evening when you arrive at your destination.

– Pack fresh clothes. By the end of your flight you will be grateful for something fresh to wear. I always change just before the flight lands so I arrive at my destination feeling renewed. At this point I also reapply my make up and spray on some perfume. If you don’t have space in your hand luggage for a whole new outfit bring the essentials like a new top.

Do you have any tips for long-haul flight? Let me know in the comments below…

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