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How Working in Fashion Helped me Overcome Body Image Insecurities

Like nearly all women I have experienced insecurities around my weight.  Over my developing years my body has been skinny, it has been overweight and it has been everything in between.

During periods of being skinny I would go to the gym religiously and constantly monitor what I was eating, living on a sort of permanent diet that didn’t leave much room for indulgences.  Often if I did give myself a cheat day or a little treat I would feel immediately guilty, and feel the need to schedule a workout time later to appease myself.

The times I have been overweight were due to a hectic lifestyle while studying and not having the time to fit in a healthy eating plan and exercise routine around busy school schedules.  Due to lack of time I would be more lenient with myself about what I was eating, on the basis of choosing the more convenient option over the healthier one.  However it was always in the back of my mind that I needed to loose weight, and striving to one day eventually maintain skinniness seemed like a big priority.

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