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Work It! Elisabeth Yarrow.

Welcome to the newest monthly feature ‘Work It!’

Every month we will be featuring an empowering woman who is working it by pursuing their purpose, living their dreams and inspiring us all in the process!  We will be featuring women from different industries and backgrounds and sharing their journey to success!  The idea is to celebrate any women who committed to chasing their dreams and to building a better future.  And to offer our support and encouragement for all her hard work.  If you consider yourself someone who is living these values and would like to be featured or if would like to nominate another Woman who is Working It please get in contact.

First up is Elisabeth Yarrow.

Working in the Tech Industry, Elisabeth followed her dreams by taking a year out to travel Europe.  It was here she wrote her first and second books ‘Destination Dream Job’ and ‘Destination Empowerment’ written to empower and guide women to success throughout the job search process.  Elisabeth is now back in the States heading up her online community Picking Yarrows while also developing a killer range of women empowering products.  Her third book Interview Style Guide is set to be released this year! Through all her work Elisabeth’s mission is to empower women to believe in their dreams and inspire women to succeed against all odds.  Her work inspires me daily and I am so happy to introduce her as the first Women Working It!

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