The Top Colors to Wear This Fall…

If you are anything like me, the start of fall signifies a time when your wardrobe takes a turn for the dark.  As soon as the days start getting colder I start wearing exclusively black.  Sometimes I will mix in shades of grey, burgundy, dark green or purples but the palette is always decidedly dark.  (Side Note: I pretty much want to wear all black most of the year but try and force myself to include some color in my wardrobe during the sunny summer months!)

However this Fall sees the bright colors of summer living on.  With bright red, cobalt, pinky hues and silver metallic all having a big presence on the AW17 Runways and filtering down into the high street stores.  Pick a shade and wear it from head to toe or inject a flash of color into your winter outfit with one bold statement piece.

Bold Red.

Red is the color of the moment and it’s everywhere this season!  Wear from head to toe to be totally on trend otherwise for a more demure style combine with camel colors, burgundy, pink or black.  My favorite way to wear this color is a bold red tailored blazer and trousers combined with towering red boots!

Pretty Pink.

The pretty pink trend has lasted since summer and carried over into the winter season.  See in bold Barbie pinks, shiny plastic textures or soft floral shades.  Mix into your outfit as a bold statement coat or boots combined with light denims, gentle whites or soft greens.

Silver Metallic.

Metallic’s have been on trend for a while now and this winter they are not going away.  They look great mixed into your wardrobe as silver oversized puffer jackets worn with jeans or, for a more elegant look, a silky, shimmery evening dress.  Or if you just want to add a hint of futuristic style to your outfit opt for silver metallic accessories instead!

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