Work Wear Style on a Budget

While attending Men’s Fashion Week in Milan this weekend I posted my outfits for the event via Instagram.  I shared with you my inspiration for each outfit and got real with you by revealing which pieces were high-end and which pieces actually came from the high street.

If you didn’t see the posts you can check them out here.

The reason I decided to get real with you is because I think their is a common misunderstanding into thinking that because someone looks really stylish they must have spent a lot of money on their outfit.  And that you have to spend a lot of money on designer pieces in order to be stylish also.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good designer piece! But I think in this world of Instagram and Blogging its easy to buy into the myth that all us fashionistas have a big budget for designer wear, and the reason everyone always looks so stylish is because they are dropping big sums of money on high end pieces for every look.

Of course in some cases this is true but the reality for most of us, for you and me, is that we are want to get out work wear outfits down but we also want to do this on a budget.

We’ve got other stuff to pay for like cars, rent, holidays, travel and saving for the future, am I right?  So here are my Stylist Tips to shopping smarter and getting your work wear style on a budget…

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Shop Smart on the High Street.

When you’re shopping on the high street think objectively about each piece before you buy it.  Look at the design, cut and style of each piece and consider if this piece were on its own would it be obvious it was from the high street.  A lot of high street offerings are really stylish and with that lower price tag its a great place to buy more trend focused pieces which work for one or two seasons or everyday work wear pieces which need updating more regularly.

Think about Materials, Cuts and Design.

When making your high street purchases have a good look at the quality of the pieces you are considering.  It is really important to look at the materials of the pieces you are buying.  Synthetic materials always look cheap, however focusing on pieces in silk, chiffon, natural wool, leather and cotton means you are including high quality pieces into your wardrobe and automatically elevating the look of the outfit.

Elevate your Look with Investment Pieces and Accessories.

Adding one (or two) investment pieces into your work wear look is the key to elevating those great pieces you found on the high street.  I recommend investing in pieces that are timeless and can be worn with a multitude of outfit options.  Blazers, unique skirts, tailored trousers, leather shoes, bold jewellery and bags are all great investment pieces because they don’t go out of fashion and can be mixed and matched with the high street pieces easily.

Wear a pair of Heels.

A really easy trick to instantly add value to your look, and make yourself look more powerful, is to add a pair of heels.  Heels make you look glamorous and elegant and can be paired with more low-key items such as black jeans and or a blazer and white t-shirt to effortlessly elevate your look.

Add a Splash of Lipstick. 

Adding a splash of lipstick to your work wear outfit is an all important finishing touch and shows your have thought about the extra details in your appearance.  Talk to someone a the beauty counter in your local department store to finds some go-to shades that work for your coloring and style.

How do you like to elevate your work wear looks? Let me know in the comments below…

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